What's in a name?

1. Which world heavyweight boxing champion gave a lecture on Shakespeare at Yale?
Mike Tyson
Muhammad Ali
Gene Tunney
Frank Bruno

2. Who played Bottom in the 1935 Hollywood version of A Midsummer Night's Dream?
Spencer Tracy
Leslie Howard
Gary Cooper
James Cagney

3. Which of these plays has been translated into Klingon?
Much Ado About Nothing
Twelfth Night
Two Noble Kinsmen
Romeo and Juliet

4. Who drew this image of Romeo leaving Juliet at her window?
George IV
William Pitt the Younger
Queen Victoria
Nell Gwyn

5. What we think is almost certainly the skeleton of Richard III was found in Leicester under a
shopping centre
McDonald's restaurant
car park
pet cemetery

6. Which play begins with the words: "Now, say, Chatillon, what would France with us?"
Henry V
Henry VI Part 1
King John
Henry VIII

7. What do the actresses Asta Nielsen, Maxine Peake, Frances de la Tour and Ruth Mitchell have in common?
They're all products of The National Youth Theatre.
They all studied at RADA.
They've all played Hamlet.
They're all graduates of Cambridge University.

8. What was unusal about the 1935 production of Romeo and Juliet at the New Theatre?
Alec Guinness understudied Peggy Ashcroft as Juliet.
Olivier and Gielgud played Romeo and Mercutio on alternate nights.
During a flu outbreak among the cast, Binkie Beaumont was forced to play Nurse.
Overacting, Harry Andrews as Tybalt drew blood from Mercutio during the duel.

9. What do Mark Rylance, Sir Derek Jacobi, Charlie Chaplin and Mark Twain have in common?
They’ve all played Macbeth.
They’ve all been refused entry to the United States.
They’re all authorship sceptics.
They’ve all scripted plays or films about Shakespeare.

10. Which of Shakespeare’s (approximate) contemporaries is shown torturing mice in ‘Shakespeare in Love’?
Thomas Middleton.
John Fletcher.
William Rowley.
John Ford.

11. We've removed all proper nouns. Which Shakespearian lover's speeches are represented by these frequently occurring words?

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